Hardee’s / Carl’s Jr. Baby Back Rib Burger Review

Hardee’s Baby Back Rib Burger is a hamburger featuring a topping of boneless baby back ribs along with Mississippi Honey Barbecue sauce, crispy onion straws, and dill pickle chips.  When I first heard that this burger was coming to Hardee’s, I was instantly excited by the prospect of tasting it and Hardee’s instantly shot up to the front of my list of lunch destinations.  The burger can come with a 1/4 pound patty or a 1/3 pound Thickburger patty.  The cost was $5.99/$6.99 for just the sandwich and $7.99/$8.99 for a small combo meal at my local Hardee’s.  I decided to make this a feast and went with the 1/3 pound Thickburger.

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Arby’s Smoked Pork Belly Sandwich Review

Arby’s… They absolutely have the meats!

This week in anticipation of the episode 7 podcast I stopped by my local Arby’s to review what has been hailed as a returning champion; the Smoked Pork Belly Sandwich. And I was not disappointed with the show.

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KFC Zinger Sandwich Review

IMG_20170420_150904395Ah yes, the KFC Zinger sandwich. I was pretty excited to try this to say the least. I walked into KFC last week hoping to try what had already been so unanimously praised, the Georgia Gold chicken (which is incredible by the way). As I entered, I was surprised to see that the Zinger Chicken Sandwich box available to order. If any of you remember, on episode 6 of the podcast we discussed KFC’s new Zinger sandwich would be debuting the following week, so I was taken by surprise when I saw it available for order on their menu, so of course, I had to get it. We also discussed on the podcast that it would be available as a $5 Fill-Up, but unfortunately, it was not. So I went with the Zinger Box, which came with mashed potatoes, potato wedges, a chicken leg (grilled, original or extra crispy), a drink, and of course, the Zinger sandwich. All for 8 bucks isn’t terrible, but still not as great of a deal as the $5 Fill-Up.

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Burger King Steakhouse King Review

The Steakhouse name is something that has been seen on the Burger King menu on many occasions in the past, with the newest item in the line being the Steakhouse King released earlier this month.  This burger features two 1/4 patties which are identical to the ones used on the Whopper along with the bacon and A1 Steak Sauce that has been a staple in all past iterations of the Steakhouse item line.  Along with these, the Steakhouse King features two slices of American cheese, mayonnaise, and a modest helping of of crispy onion straws.  The burger costs $5.99 for just the sandwich and $7.99 for a small combo meal at my local Burger King.

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Episode 6: Podcast

News 1:20-16:00

Fast food playgrounds 1:20-8:00

Papa John’s priority ordering 8:00-13:10

McDonald’s pizza 13:10-16:00

Debuting Items 16:00-24:15

KFC Zinger Sandwich 16:00-18:00

Carl’s Jr./Hardees Baby Back Rib Burger 18:00-20:45

Pizza Hut (Cyprus) Hut Burgers 20:45-24:15

Reviews 24:15-43:30

Domino’s Italian Sandwich 24:15-28:15

Burger King Froot Loops Shake 28:15-32:45

Checker’s Monstarella Double/Chicken 32:45-38:00

Culver’s 38:00-43:30

Top 5 Pizza Chains 43:30-1:01:00

Arby’s Jalapeno Bites Review

Arby’s… My one true love… How you toy with my emotions…

As week 5 rolled around I needed a new item to review and was craving some Arby’s. Probably because the team had been chatting about their new exclusive Mountain Dew Code Red Fountain Drink all week. So I begin to peruse the online menu to try and scout a new or interesting flavor. While most of Arby’s menu is technically new to me since I tend to stick with the roast beef, I wanted to find something that even a frequent Arby’s patron might not have tried. And with a slight tap on my mouse, it was revealed. The Arby’s Jalapeno Bites.

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Wendy’s Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich Review

Episode 3 of AVFTDT podcast featured a segment on the debuting of Wendy’s new Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich (Also available as a salad). Episode 4 has me giving a review. The sandwich features fresh mozzarella cheese, balsamic diced tomatoes, fresh spring mix, creamy basil pesto, and a grilled chicken filet on a toasted garlic brioche bun.

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