Burger King Froot Loops Shake Review

After talking about the new BK Froot Loops Shake on the week 5 pod, I had to satisfy my growing curiosity and try one for myself. The array of colorful bits and the temptation of a unique flavor had finally reeled me in. After winning round two of my workplace drone racing competition, I treated myself to a celebratory shake.

Enough bragging… how was the shake? It was good! They used real Froot Loops Cereal bits in it which had a surprising consistency. Most shakes you get that have crunch have cookie or M&M. The crunch provided by cereal is not a standard experience in desserts. Bravo on BK, also, for having the foresight to break these Loops up small enough to fit through a straw.BK FL.PNG

The Shake was mostly Vanilla with the familiar sweetness of that beloved fruity cereal. The advertising campaign called out a “sweet sauce” that was not apparent in the shake but i have to imagine added to the Froot Loop Flavor. Because, while there were definitely enough bits to keep this patron satisfied, I’m not sure there’s enough flavor in those bits to really enhance the shake.

The Coolest part about the shake was in the final few minutes. As the clock started to tick on the line between ice cream and sweet creamy milk, the fruit loops started to get that familiar soggy texture that any real Froot Loop fan would recognize. And while this texture is not traditionally appealing, it was a nice little throwback to forgetting about your cereal while watching morning cartoons and having to suffer through your soggy sugar lumps before catching the bus.

By: Tony Prete
Co-Editor of AVFTDT Podcast

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