Burger King Steakhouse King Review

The Steakhouse name is something that has been seen on the Burger King menu on many occasions in the past, with the newest item in the line being the Steakhouse King released earlier this month.  This burger features two 1/4 patties which are identical to the ones used on the Whopper along with the bacon and A1 Steak Sauce that has been a staple in all past iterations of the Steakhouse item line.  Along with these, the Steakhouse King features two slices of American cheese, mayonnaise, and a modest helping of of crispy onion straws.  The burger costs $5.99 for just the sandwich and $7.99 for a small combo meal at my local Burger King.


The first thing I noticed when looking at the large display on the menu were the large letters underneath the burger stating “1100 calories.”  While I clearly am not looking for a healthy meal when I go to Burger King, this was a staggering amount that did not even include the fries and drinks.  A full breakdown of the nutritional information can be found here, but I think that the phrase “ignorance is bliss” was coined for situations such as eating this sandwich.


In terms of taste, it is obvious with the first bite that Whopper patties and their iconic flavor were used.  Instead of the crisp lettuce and tomato of the Whopper complementing these patties, I was met with a sizable amount of bacon, cheese, and fried onions.  It reminded me of a somewhat less juicy pub burger, with the crispy fried onions providing a surprisingly large amount of flavor.  With my first bite, the main difference between this and a normal cheeseburger was only these onions as I did not taste any of the A1 Steak Sauce which gives the burger its name.

When I continued to eat the burger, I reached a point where the A1 started to gush out of the burger and create a mess on my paper-wrapper-plate.  It seems that all of the sauce was pooled in the middle of the burger, with those bites containing an overwhelming amount of sauce.  It was reminiscent of someone who gets a steak at a restaurant and drenches it in A1 Steak Sauce to the point where the steak does not matter.  This could have been the greatest burger in the world, but I would not have known when eating the middle of it as all I tasted was A1 sauce.  When I finished the burger, I did not recall ever noticing the advertised mayonnaise, most likely because of all of the other stronger flavors.


All-in-all, I was very stuffed after finishing my meal, which shouldn’t be a surprise as it had as many calories as a small-sized adult should eat in a whole day.  Outside of the sauce placement, I thought the burger was very well constructed and tasted very nice.  If I were to order it again, I would most likely ask for less sauce as with A1 Steak Sauce, a little goes a long way.  I would recommend this burger for someone who wants a classic bacon pub burger taste without going to a pub, as long as they have no upcoming cardiologist appointments.


Title image courtesy of bk.com

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