Arby’s Jalapeno Bites Review

Arby’s… My one true love… How you toy with my emotions…

As week 5 rolled around I needed a new item to review and was craving some Arby’s. Probably because the team had been chatting about their new exclusive Mountain Dew Code Red Fountain Drink all week. So I begin to peruse the online menu to try and scout a new or interesting flavor. While most of Arby’s menu is technically new to me since I tend to stick with the roast beef, I wanted to find something that even a frequent Arby’s patron might not have tried. And with a slight tap on my mouse, it was revealed. The Arby’s Jalapeno Bites.

If you want me to shower Arby’s with my graces for having perfected yet another menu item, you won’t find that here. If you want to see me demolish Arby’s for failing to branch out beyond “The Meats!” I will not do that either. And while I don’t like taking the middle of the road on reviews, in this case I feel like I have to. IMG_20170413_122843810

The bites were big, 2 bites in each “popper” to be exact. And the first one I chomped down on was really nice. The spice of the Jalapeno mellowed out by a sweet cream cheese filling. And to Top if off, a delicious Bronco Berry Sauce provided a zing you can’t get elsewhere. But as I continued on to eat the rest, the enjoyment began to fade. The breading was heavy, the jalapeno was not fresh, and not very spicy, and the cream cheese and berry sauces were just a tad too sweet. When I had finished I was left with an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, one that wasn’t conducive to going back to work and being productive.

So you may be thinking, “wow Tony, you said you weren’t going to rip on Arby’s.” And I did, so here’s where I make up for it. They’re too much to eat by yourself, BUT, the flavor of the bites is completely unique with the berry sauce and cream cheese, it’s something that everyone should try. So when you and your friends or family all get in the car Thursday night to take that beloved trip out to support your local Arby’s, #SupportYourLocalArbys, get a side of jalapeno bites to share. You won’t be disappointed.

By: Tony Prete
Co-Editor of AVFTDT Podcast

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