Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chips Review

Taco Bell’s new Naked Chicken Chips are chicken nugget-esque pieces of chicken that uses chicken almost identical to that used on past Naked Chicken products, such as the Naked Chicken Chalupa.  The Chicken Chips come in a 6-pack alongside one cup of nacho cheese for $1.99 and a 12-pack along with two cups of nacho cheese for $3.99.  The 6-pack can also be found in a new $5 box alongside a burrito supreme, a taco, and a medium drink.

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McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes: Sweet BBQ Bacon

The Sweet BBQ Bacon sandwich is one of three new signature crafted recipes offered by McDonald’s, with the other two being the Maple Bacon Dijon and Pico Guacamole.  The sandwich can be ordered with either a 1/4 pound beef patty, crispy buttermilk chicken, or grilled chicken along with a choice of an artisan or sesame seed bun.  The cost at my local McDonald’s was $4.99 for just the sandwich and $6.99 for a combo meal featuring an order of medium fries and a large drink.  From May 4th until May 8th, the sandwich can be bought with a free order of medium fries and a drink at participating McDonald’s restaurants.  The Sweet BBQ Bacon sandwich features white cheddar cheese, smoked Applewood bacon, crispy onions, grilled sweet onions, and sweet onion barbecue sauce.

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Hardee’s / Carl’s Jr. Baby Back Rib Burger Review

Hardee’s Baby Back Rib Burger is a hamburger featuring a topping of boneless baby back ribs along with Mississippi Honey Barbecue sauce, crispy onion straws, and dill pickle chips.  When I first heard that this burger was coming to Hardee’s, I was instantly excited by the prospect of tasting it and Hardee’s instantly shot up to the front of my list of lunch destinations.  The burger can come with a 1/4 pound patty or a 1/3 pound Thickburger patty.  The cost was $5.99/$6.99 for just the sandwich and $7.99/$8.99 for a small combo meal at my local Hardee’s.  I decided to make this a feast and went with the 1/3 pound Thickburger.

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Burger King Steakhouse King Review

The Steakhouse name is something that has been seen on the Burger King menu on many occasions in the past, with the newest item in the line being the Steakhouse King released earlier this month.  This burger features two 1/4 patties which are identical to the ones used on the Whopper along with the bacon and A1 Steak Sauce that has been a staple in all past iterations of the Steakhouse item line.  Along with these, the Steakhouse King features two slices of American cheese, mayonnaise, and a modest helping of of crispy onion straws.  The burger costs $5.99 for just the sandwich and $7.99 for a small combo meal at my local Burger King.

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Checkers Monsterella Chicken and Monsterella Double Review

When I decided to go to Checkers the other day, I saw a large part of the menu covered with a 2 for $5 Mix and Match deal featuring the Monsterella Chicken and Monsterella Double.  The Monsterella Chicken features a chicken Parmesan sandwich (though it has a slice of Swiss cheese) with two mozzarella sticks added and the Monsterella Double features a “burger Parmesan” sandwich with the same Swiss cheese, marinara sauce, and mozzarella sticks as the Monsterella chicken, substituting the chicken patty for two burger patties.   I decided to purchase both of these items and give them a try.

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KFC Chicken Pot Pie Review

After listening to Cole’s raving review of the Georgia Gold chicken at KFC during the first podcast, I decided that I needed to try it for myself and went to get it for lunch the next day.  The Georgia Gold was as excellent as Cole described during his review, but when I was ordering I also noticed an item that caught my eye: a chicken pot pie.  I brushed off the idea of it for a good few weeks, but as time went on, the idea of a fast food chicken pot pie became more and more intriguing for its uniqueness.

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