McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes: Pico Guacamole Burger

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night to all. Here we are again for another high quality review of a “high quality” sandwich. I must say, I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this bad boy for quite a few, days? Hours? Either way, when McDonald’s announced their new artisan sandwiches I was brimming with excitement. I was an enormous fan of the old Angus burgers that McDiddy dons used to sell, and I was happy to hear they were bringing that style of burger (more appropriately “sandwich” as chicken is an option) back to the table.

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KFC Zinger Sandwich Review

IMG_20170420_150904395Ah yes, the KFC Zinger sandwich. I was pretty excited to try this to say the least. I walked into KFC last week hoping to try what had already been so unanimously praised, the Georgia Gold chicken (which is incredible by the way). As I entered, I was surprised to see that the Zinger Chicken Sandwich box available to order. If any of you remember, on episode 6 of the podcast we discussed KFC’s new Zinger sandwich would be debuting the following week, so I was taken by surprise when I saw it available for order on their menu, so of course, I had to get it. We also discussed on the podcast that it would be available as a $5 Fill-Up, but unfortunately, it was not. So I went with the Zinger Box, which came with mashed potatoes, potato wedges, a chicken leg (grilled, original or extra crispy), a drink, and of course, the Zinger sandwich. All for 8 bucks isn’t terrible, but still not as great of a deal as the $5 Fill-Up.

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Bobby’s Burger Palace: Palace Classic + Sweet Potato Fries

Ah yes, the ever controversial Bobby’s Burger Palace. Let’s just get this out of the way right at the beginning. To anyone who listened to episode 3, you’d know that there is some discrepancy over whether or not Bobby’s is “fast food.” Let me just say this, I got this burger and fries in 5 minutes. While the debate is still open over what’s considered fast food, for today’s purposes, fast is all I need (I’d also accept furious). The first thing you notice about this meal when you look at it is just how damn gorgeous it looks. You’d never get a meal this beautiful at your run in the mill fast food restaurant, but of course, the catch is that you pay for it.

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