Five Guys Hot Dog Review

I have been going to Five Guys for over a decade. I had never ordered anything other than a burger, until yesterday. I decided to finally try something new and ordered the Kosher Style Hot Dog.

The first thing I noticed about the item was that the bun was not connected. The second thing I noticed was that the hot dog was cut butterfly style. The combination of the cut bun and sliced hot dog made eating this item feel more like eating a sandwich than a typical hot dog. (Side note: the “is a hot dog a sandwich” thing has been annoying for like four years so I apologize for brining that up but I feel it was applicable in this scenario).

I ordered the hot dog plain so I could get a pure taste of the meat itself. Overall the flavor of the hot dog was good. It definitely had a more seasoned taste than a typical plain hot dog. It would have probably been better with toppings, but there was just enough distinct flavor from the meat to be passable as a plain meal. The casing provided a bit of bite but not much snap.

The bun was extremely soft, and almost doughy at times. I prefer a soft bun over a toasted bun but not everybody would agree. If you are more of a toasted bun person you might be disappointed.

The problem with the Five Guys Kosher Style Hot Dog is not the flavor of the hot dog. It is a perfectly fine meal, but it is a terrible value. The hot dog cost me $4.29 or about $1.00 per bite. If you are going to go to Five Guys, just pay a few dollars more and get a cheeseburger, it will be a much more filling and valuable decision.

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