Burger King Bacon Cheddar Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich Review

After changing the recipe of their Crispy Chicken Sandwich (review) earlier this year, Burger King has been focused on pushing their chicken sandwiches. Burger King’s current national advertising campaign is focused on promoting the Bacon Cheddar Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Although this item is not new, (here is a commercial featuring Darius Rucker singing about the sandwich from 2004) Burger King has been running a considerable number of advertisements for it so I decided to review the revamped version.

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Burger King Steakhouse King Review

The Steakhouse name is something that has been seen on the Burger King menu on many occasions in the past, with the newest item in the line being the Steakhouse King released earlier this month.  This burger features two 1/4 patties which are identical to the ones used on the Whopper along with the bacon and A1 Steak Sauce that has been a staple in all past iterations of the Steakhouse item line.  Along with these, the Steakhouse King features two slices of American cheese, mayonnaise, and a modest helping of of crispy onion straws.  The burger costs $5.99 for just the sandwich and $7.99 for a small combo meal at my local Burger King.

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Burger King Froot Loops Shake Review

After talking about the new BK Froot Loops Shake on the week 5 pod, I had to satisfy my growing curiosity and try one for myself. The array of colorful bits and the temptation of a unique flavor had finally reeled me in. After winning round two of my workplace drone racing competition, I treated myself to a celebratory shake.

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Burger King’s New Crispy Chicken Sandwich Review

In addition to the reviews we give on the podcast, we will also be writing up a few reviews that can be read on the website. These reviews will usually be for relatively new items from popular establishments. In this debut review, Cole went to Burger King to try their new Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

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