Burger King’s New Crispy Chicken Sandwich Review

In addition to the reviews we give on the podcast, we will also be writing up a few reviews that can be read on the website. These reviews will usually be for relatively new items from popular establishments. In this debut review, Cole went to Burger King to try their new Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

The main difference between this Crispy Chicken Sandwich and previous versions of Burger King chicken sandwiches is supposed to be in how the chicken is prepared. The new process is designed to create a chicken that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Burger King appears to have succeed in making a juicier chicken compared to previous iterations of the sandwich. Despite being a relatively thick piece of chicken, each bite was full of flavor and juice. However, when coupled with a buttery tasting bun and perhaps too much mayo, the juiciness of the chicken was a bit overshadowed.

Burger King New Crispy Chicken Sandwich Bite

The chicken did not seem particularly “crispy” either. That is not to say it was soggy, just compared to the chicken sandwiches from competitors like McDonald’s and Wendy’s it did not seem as crunchy in each bite.

Burger King New Crispy Chicken Sandwich Top Off

The biggest problem with the sandwich was the condiments. It comes dressed with lettuce, tomato, and mayo, but these additional items were not really necessary. It may have just been this particular sandwich but their was too much mayo that caused the sandwich to fall apart after a few bites as lettuce and tomato squirted out the back. The chicken on the sandwich was flavorful enough to make the additional condiments superfluous. Serving it in a style more akin to Chick-fil-A with nothing more than a few pickle slices would have probably been a more enjoyable meal.

Overall the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich is an improvement from previous chicken sandwiches Burger King has offered. The chicken was the star of the meal, unfortunately Burger King did not seem confident enough in the chicken’s ability to carry the sandwich and attempted to mask it with too many flavors.

2 thoughts on “Burger King’s New Crispy Chicken Sandwich Review

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