Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chips Review

Taco Bell’s new Naked Chicken Chips are chicken nugget-esque pieces of chicken that uses chicken almost identical to that used on past Naked Chicken products, such as the Naked Chicken Chalupa.  The Chicken Chips come in a 6-pack alongside one cup of nacho cheese for $1.99 and a 12-pack along with two cups of nacho cheese for $3.99.  The 6-pack can also be found in a new $5 box alongside a burrito supreme, a taco, and a medium drink.

The first thing to note after first trying one of these is that a Naked Chicken Chip is just a euphemism for chicken nuggets.  The second thing to note is that these are very good chicken nuggets.  After eating one of them, it is noticeable that there is  fair amount of spice that can leave an aftertaste in your mouth.  These are not like nuggets that you would get at a McDonald’s or Burger King, but instead are similar to the Spicy Chicken Nuggets that Wendy’s used to offer.  I am a fan of spicy foods, but I could easily see these being a turnoff for someone that is not.

The next note is that while these are essentially chicken nuggets, Taco Bell is not a restaurant that usually serves them and does not have the usually associated sauces for dipping.  You are given a cup of cheese, but if you are not a fan of melted nacho cheese sauce, the only other option outside of eating it dry is do use Taco Bell’s normal sauce packets.  I did not try this option, but it personally seems unappealing.  If you are someone that eats their chicken nuggets with something like ketchup or barbecue sauce, you are out of luck.


All-in-all, the Naked Chicken Chips were very delicious and features the same high quality chicken that are used on other Naked Chicken Products as well as items such as the Chickstar (which is also back, using several pieces of these chips instead of one chicken patty.)  The main concern is price, as it is not very competitive with places such as Burger King offering 10 chicken Nuggets for $1.49 or McDonald’s offering 20 chicken nuggets for $5.00.  $1.99 is pretty steep for fast food chicken nuggets and ranks as the highest price point for any major chain.

My recommendation is that if you are looking for a quality meal at Taco Bell and do not care too much about value, than these are the perfect choice to either center your meal around or to add as a supplement.  If you mostly care about getting full as cheaply as possible, than there are other cheaper and delicious alternatives to get at Taco Bell that will provide more food for less money.

One thought on “Taco Bell Naked Chicken Chips Review

  1. “All-in-all, the Naked Chicken Chips were very delicious and features the same high quality chicken that are used on other Naked Chicken Products as well as items such as the Chickstar…”

    “high quality chicken”? Is that sarcasm, or are you serious…? I wouldn’t even categorize it as being real chicken. Sure it is comparable to any other fast food blended “chicken” nuggets, but calling it high quality is just wrong.


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