KFC Zinger Sandwich Review

IMG_20170420_150904395Ah yes, the KFC Zinger sandwich. I was pretty excited to try this to say the least. I walked into KFC last week hoping to try what had already been so unanimously praised, the Georgia Gold chicken (which is incredible by the way). As I entered, I was surprised to see that the Zinger Chicken Sandwich box available to order. If any of you remember, on episode 6 of the podcast we discussed KFC’s new Zinger sandwich would be debuting the following week, so I was taken by surprise when I saw it available for order on their menu, so of course, I had to get it. We also discussed on the podcast that it would be available as a $5 Fill-Up, but unfortunately, it was not. So I went with the Zinger Box, which came with mashed potatoes, potato wedges, a chicken leg (grilled, original or extra crispy), a drink, and of course, the Zinger sandwich. All for 8 bucks isn’t terrible, but still not as great of a deal as the $5 Fill-Up.

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KFC Chicken Pot Pie Review

After listening to Cole’s raving review of the Georgia Gold chicken at KFC during the first podcast, I decided that I needed to try it for myself and went to get it for lunch the next day.  The Georgia Gold was as excellent as Cole described during his review, but when I was ordering I also noticed an item that caught my eye: a chicken pot pie.  I brushed off the idea of it for a good few weeks, but as time went on, the idea of a fast food chicken pot pie became more and more intriguing for its uniqueness.

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