KFC Chicken Pot Pie Review

After listening to Cole’s raving review of the Georgia Gold chicken at KFC during the first podcast, I decided that I needed to try it for myself and went to get it for lunch the next day.  The Georgia Gold was as excellent as Cole described during his review, but when I was ordering I also noticed an item that caught my eye: a chicken pot pie.  I brushed off the idea of it for a good few weeks, but as time went on, the idea of a fast food chicken pot pie became more and more intriguing for its uniqueness.

When I opened the “Pie in a Pot in a Box,” I noticed that it was a decent size for the price of $3.99 for the individual pie and $5 for the Fill-Up including the pie, a cookie, and a medium drink.


Upon breaking the top crust of the pie with surprising ease, I was met with what I can only describe as a bland mixture of gravy, chicken, gravy, vegetables, and gravy.  The gravy was such an overwhelming part of the meal that I felt that there would have been no difference if they replaced the chicken and vegetables with anything else.  The blandness of the gravy was especially surprising considering the fact that the pie contains a whopping 1970 mg of sodium and 45 g of fat.


By far the best part of the pie was the crust which overlapped the edge of the aluminum pie pan.  When I was finished trying to pick out any parts of the inside of the pie that contained chicken and vegetables, I was left with a large portion of gravy in an empty crust.  The great part about the overhanging crust was that it could easily be broken off of the edge of the pan and dipped into a gravy, with the bread complimenting the gravy very well.  This was definitely the highlight of the meal for me and leads to another criticism: there was no pie crust on the bottom of the pan.  A fundamental part of a pot pie is that the bread can be used as a good compliment to the gravy as it can absorb some of it and mix flavors.  Without this bread on the bottom, the gravy overwhelmed the dish.


Pot pies are not something that I have ever seen at a fast food restaurant, and after trying this one it was most likely for a good reason.  Unlike something like a burger where the patty can be grilled and the sandwich assembled in store, the customer knows that the pot pie was just brought in frozen and heated up before being served since it is impossible to make on-site.  This pot pie was awfully similar to one that you would get in the frozen foods section of a grocery store, and I think that this is where a product like this should stay.  If you are ever in a KFC and are considering the pot pie, I would urge you to reconsider unless you are in the mood for a mediocre meal.

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