Sonic Super Crunch Chicken Strip Dinner Review

This week I went to Sonic to try the Super Crunch Chicken Strip Dinner. The meal consists of four super crunchy chicken strips, tots or fries, an onion ring, and Texas Toast. I chose tots as my side and asked for BBQ and honey mustard sauce.

If you are into meals with diverse color options, this box is probably not for you. If you are into meals where every item is the same brown color, then you are in luck.

I will discuss each item individually first, then discuss how the meal works as a whole.

The crunchy chicken strips were pretty good. While nothing stood out about them, they were a solid average chain restaurant chicken strip. They lived up to the crunchy part of their name, with each bite having a bit of texture.

The tots were good as well. I have always enjoyed Sonic tots and this trip was no exception. The tots were crunchy on the outside and mushy on the inside. My one complaint would be I wish they had a bit more seasoning, but they are fantastic options for dipping into sauce or ketchup.

I did not find the onion ring particularly enjoyable. First, the breading to onion ratio was way off as I was essentially just eating a fried ring. Also, the onion ring left a weird, almost sweet, aftertaste in my mouth that I did not find particularly pleasant.

I am not sure why Sonic thought it would be a good idea to include Texas Toast with the meal but it was completely pointless. My bread was barely toasted an was essentially just firm slices of bread.

I found the BBQ sauce to be very tasty. A simple, well balanced sauce that left you wanting to dip more strips and tots into it. The honey mustard sauce on the other hand did not seem to strike as good of a balance. I found the sauce to be almost like basic yellow mustard. Fine, but not really what I was looking for and probably not something I would order again.

Overall I would not really recommend purchasing the Super Crunch Chicken Strip Dinner. While some parts were good, the chicken strips and tots, the items that made this box different, the onion ring and toast, were completely mediocre. Just purchase the regular Super Crunch Chicken Strips and order a side of tots and save yourself some money.

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