McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes: Pico Guacamole Burger

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night to all. Here we are again for another high quality review of a “high quality” sandwich. I must say, I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this bad boy for quite a few, days? Hours? Either way, when McDonald’s announced their new artisan sandwiches I was brimming with excitement. I was an enormous fan of the old Angus burgers that McDiddy dons used to sell, and I was happy to hear they were bringing that style of burger (more appropriately “sandwich” as chicken is an option) back to the table.

As soon as we discovered the news of these items, it was like a battle royale to determine who got to review which sandwich, and of course as there are only 3 of them, the duel ran long into the night. I was awarded the great honor of reviewing the Pico Guacamole burger, and I was so ready to have my taste buds’ world rocked by the ever fantastic combination of guac on a burger. Avocado on a burger can almost never be done wrong, it’s a winning combo. At least that’s what I used to think…WRONG.


I’ll get straight to the point. Do. Not. Buy. This. I could hardly taste anything on this burger other than whatever the hell McDonald’s is calling guacamole. I don’t know what it is, but it sure as hell ain’t guacamole. It was honestly foul. I almost couldn’t even finish the damn thing. On top of that, my bun was a little burnt, but that isn’t the sandwich’s fault. I wish I could say more about this burger, I’m sure the patty was delicious, even the pico seemed somewhat legit. But that guac…oh boy that guac. I don’t know who McDonald’s hired to create this guac recipe but holy hell did they get it wrong. He/she needs to be fired, ASAP. Just look at it. Like some sort of nasty green paste. I have to say I’m pretty upset I didn’t have a backup item on me like I normally get for these reviews, you know, just in case. Good thing I went back like 4 hours later to get myself some time tested, proven, delicious McNuggets.

Now, while I only have negative things to say about this particular burger, you can check out Cole’s Maple Bacon Dijon and Jason’s Sweet BBQ Bacon review to get the full scoop on these new Artisan sandwiches, which are, on the whole, a solid addition to McDonald’s lineup.

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