Checkers Monsterella Chicken and Monsterella Double Review

When I decided to go to Checkers the other day, I saw a large part of the menu covered with a 2 for $5 Mix and Match deal featuring the Monsterella Chicken and Monsterella Double.  The Monsterella Chicken features a chicken Parmesan sandwich (though it has a slice of Swiss cheese) with two mozzarella sticks added and the Monsterella Double features a “burger Parmesan” sandwich with the same Swiss cheese, marinara sauce, and mozzarella sticks as the Monsterella chicken, substituting the chicken patty for two burger patties.   I decided to purchase both of these items and give them a try.

Starting with the Monsterella Chicken, this is an interesting item since there is no chicken Parmesan sandwich on the Checkers menu.  This is most likely why Swiss cheese is used on the sandwich as it is the closest substitute currently on the Checkers menu.  As for the sandwich itself, it was a pretty standard fast food chicken Parmesan sandwich with no overwhelming qualities that separate it from the competitors.  The only issue I
had was the fact that it seems like Checkers took a page out of Sonic’s playbook and only put one mozzarella stick on the sandwich.

A lonely mozzarella stick sits atop the chicken sandwich

While seeing the singular mozzarella stick on the sandwich was disheartening, it should be noted that this was most likely a mistake isolated to the Checkers I went to as the menu does in fact say and show two mozzarella sticks.  Even with one mozzarella stick, not much is removed from the sandwich as the mozzarella stick adds barely anything to the experience.  I could not tell whether a bite of the sandwich was one which had a part of the mozzarella stick included unless I looked down as the salty combination of the chicken and sauce was the overpowering flavor.

There is not much to add about the Monsterella Double outside of the fact that it too only had one mozzarella stick.  The mozzarella stick once again did not add much to the overall experience of the sandwich as the marinara sauce and burger was by far the overwhelming taste.

The burger features the same singular mozzarella stick

All-in-all, the sandwiches were decent, but this was more a by-product of the fact that Checkers burgers and chicken sandwiches are already good and not because of the individual products themselves.  The next time I go to Checkers, I will most likely stay away from these sandwiches and stick to their staples like the Big Buford or the Baconzilla as there were just no extraordinary qualities with the Monsterella Chicken and Monsterella Double that lead me to order them again.

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