Episode 6: Podcast

News 1:20-16:00

Fast food playgrounds 1:20-8:00

Papa John’s priority ordering 8:00-13:10

McDonald’s pizza 13:10-16:00

Debuting Items 16:00-24:15

KFC Zinger Sandwich 16:00-18:00

Carl’s Jr./Hardees Baby Back Rib Burger 18:00-20:45

Pizza Hut (Cyprus) Hut Burgers 20:45-24:15

Reviews 24:15-43:30

Domino’s Italian Sandwich 24:15-28:15

Burger King Froot Loops Shake 28:15-32:45

Checker’s Monstarella Double/Chicken 32:45-38:00

Culver’s 38:00-43:30

Top 5 Pizza Chains 43:30-1:01:00

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